What is Media Pipeline Factory?

Media Pipeline Factory is an unique platform which combines various Cloud APIs, empowering you to process media data in real-time. Starting from simple functionalities like video and voice recording, it helps evolve your application with various technologies such as video and voice recognition, live broadcasting, and more. WebRTC can be used to send video and voice stream to the platform, and Enterprise Cloud WebRTC Platform supports this.

Use Cases

Media Pipeline Factory builds on top of the use cases of the Enterprise Cloud WebRTC Platform
to help you do any of these things, and much more.

  • Extend UX with AI Analytics

    New user experience options can be realized by adding AI analytics to video and voice data. For example, live chat for online education services can be improved in real-time by analyzing lesson data that was most well received by students.

  • Broadcast Low-latency Live Steaming

    You can leverage WebRTC to broadcast streaming voice or video in low latency. For example, end users can stream their video with less than a second of delay to subscribers, which cannot be achieved with existing streaming services.

  • Multiplex and Combine Media Streams

    Multiple media streams can be (1) multiplexed over one WebRTC connection, and (2) combined into single media stream. For example, (1) multi-angle videos can be efficiently sent over one WebRTC connection, and (2) a video stream can be combined with another video (or even other contents) to be sent out as a new PinP video stream.

  • Refine Omni-Channel

    Your support channel can improve its user engagement with new WebRTC video and/or voice channels. Plugging the channels into various Cloud APIs can enhance the engagement even better. For example, a WebRTC voice channel can be routed to an AI agent first to support customers efficiently.

Key Features

  • Empowering Agile Development

    Built with a microservice architecture, Media Pipeline Factory lets developers easily define media processing pipelines by combining micro-components with UI. Simple functionalities like voice recording, voice recognition, and speech to text translation can be created even without writing a line of code.

  • Programable

    Media Pipeline Factory allows you to import your own components into the platform. Your unique functionalities can be easily realized with our SDK and your choice of Cloud API.

  • Automated for DevOps Workflow

    Media Pipeline Factory provides a fully automated microservice deployment. Once you have defined your media processing pipeline, it can be seamlessly deployed to production and made live.

  • Serverless and Scalable

    Media Pipeline Factory is built with a serverless architecture where it only consumes resources based on media processing demand. This enables your pipeline to horizontally scale without bothering your operator, and keeps the pipeline running stably even with spikes in usage.

  • Observability

    Media Pipeline Factory gathers and provides telemetry with logs, metrics, and health status for all running microservices, accelerating your development and operations with observable feedback.

Let us know what you want to do.

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