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This document is ECLWebRTC JavaScript SDK API Reference. See Communication model of ECLWebRTC if this is the first time for you to develop applciation with ECLWebRTC.

About class

A list of the classes described in this document.

About EventEmitter

All classes above inherit EventEmitter.

Therefore, methods such as on(), off(), and emit() are available.

function onOpen() {
  console.log('an open event occurred!');

// add listener
peer.on('open', onOpen);
// remove listener'open', onOpen)

// custom events
peer.on('myev', val => {
  console.log(val); // 3
peer.emit('myev', 3);

For API details, see the document of EventEmitter.

For events details, see the document of each class.

Set a listener for 'error' event is always recommended to avoid unexpected behavior.