ECLWebRTC is available in two editions.

First, try the Community Edition (free version).
For larger commercial services, consider the Enterprise Edition (paid version).

Community Edition
(free version)

It's the perfect edition for product prototyping and small business implementation. Please try this first.(You can also upgrade to Enterprise Edition.)


Number of Connections
Up to 500,000 times /mo
Server Traffic( * )
Up to 500GB /mo

Enterprise Edition
(paid version)

Edition is ideal for large scale or very stable commercial service deployments. There are no restrictions on usage, and the support and features are great.

Starting at ¥100,000/mo

  ✓ Unrestricted Use
  ✓ SLA 99.99%
  ✓ Installation and Operation Support
  ✓ Recording Function

Community Edition
(free version)
Enterprise Edition
(paid version)
Video and Voice Communication
Screen Share
Data Communication
Multi-site Connection
Connection Count Up to 500,000 times /mo Unlimited
Use of TURN server ( * ) Up to 500GB /mo Unlimited
Use of SFU server( * ) Up to 500GB /mo Unlimited
Technical Support - Our engineers have Support for introduction and operation
SLA - 99.99%
(About 4 minutes or less of downtime per month)
Recording Function -
Peer Authentication
Prevent unauthorized use of API keys
Obtain usage volume, etc. via API

Pricing for Enterprise Edition (paid version)

Fee Structure

Basic Charge: 

Signaling*1 Usage Charge: 

Server Communication( * )Usage Charge: 

 Starting at ¥100,000/mo

 Free(¥100,000/mo only when the number of connections exceeds 1 million/mo)


Basic Charge
Starting at ¥100,000/mo

Signaling*1 Usage Charge:
(¥100,000/mo only when the number of connections exceeds 1 million/mo)

Server Communication( * )Usage Charge:

*1 Signaling is the act of exchanging information with each other before initiating a communication.

Price model case (per hour)

A voice calling app that lets you talk to your friends anytime. One-to-One Online English Conversation Lessons Web conference system for simultaneous connection of multiple locations
Assumed number of users 4 people 2 people 8 people
Media Audio only Video and Audio Speaker (1): Video and audio
Audience (7): audio only
Fee ¥0.26 /h ¥14.06 /h ¥70.31 /h
Server Usage TURN Server(Ratio: 1%): 0.007GB
SFU Server(Don't Use): 0.00GB
TURN Server(Ratio: 10%): 0.35GB
SFU Server(Don't Use): 0.00GB
TURN Server(Ratio: 0%): 0.00GB
SFU Server(Use): 1.76GB
Fee Calculation 0.007GB

If you need a more detailed estimates, please use our rate simulator(Google Sheets).

Rate Simulator

If you have any questions about the Enterprise Edition contract, please contact us.

Inquiry about the contract

* What is server communication volume?

This is the following two server communications.

 - TURN Server:
A relay server that realizes communication with end points in an environment that requires traversing the NAT, such as an internal network.

 - SFU Server:
A relay server that lowers the load on end points in multi-site communication.

Details for each server

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